John-Bean Classic 3D Wheel Aligner


Product Description

R90,000.00 Ex Vat.

Product Description:

Do more alignments in less time with the Classic 3D aligner. The Aligner features continuous measurement of camber, caster and toe. Live on-screen displays Captureeliminate the need for time-consuming re-measurement procedures.

  • Lift version incl. lifting equipment (flexible work level 0 – 2.0 m)
  • Mobile terminal with drawer for printer and compartment for PC plus additional storage space
  • 19″ TFT wide-screen monitor
  • Set of 4 targets with universal wheel clamps 11″-22″
  • PC with Windows operating software and advanced user software
  • Printer
  • Simple operation and quick accurate measured results
  • Complete and up-to-date OEM specs
  • 3D measurement screen with all relevant data
  • Live measurement of vehicle dimensions
  • On-line help with 3D animated graphics
  • EZ Toe for easy and convenient settings at maximum steering angle
  • A-arm adjustment
  • Cradle adjustment
  • Cordless communication between targets and camera system
  • Standard accessories: Steering wheel holder, brake pedal lock, IR remote control


  • Toe-out on turns
  • Camber at zero toe (front axle)yes
  • Vehicle dimensions
  • Toe curve changes
  • Steering angle max.yes
  • Wheel Size (Inch)11 – 22
  • Ride height modified vehicle specs
  • FrameCheck™ light-truck frame angles
  • EZ Toe®
  • A-arm adjust
  • Cradle adjustyes
  • Drag link adjustyes
  • Single tie rod adjustyes
  • Rear shimsyes
  • Display / monitor19″ TFT
  • Messsystem3D
  • Clamping range of wheel clamps (Inch)11 – 22

Power supply230 VAC 1ph 50/60 Hz